This article highlights the teen binge drinking problem in the UK. This article comments on new ‘get yer abortion’ here ads in the UK.

I won’t say much about either problem because I’ve written about it before. What does amaze me about the English at this point in time is how they constantly believe that ‘the government’ has to do something about these problems.

Every government in England has been helpless to address these profound problems, but especially the present left wing government. The deep irony is that it is the socialists who are most committed to the nanny state ‘solve all the problems by throwing more money at them’ sort of mentality, and they are the ones who are failing the most.

Why do they fail? Because of the problem stated above. As long as everyone in a country blames ‘the government’ for their problems nothing will be solved. When people think ‘the government’ should solve problems they are abdicating their own responsibility. When they promote this view in the media they only make the problem worse because more and more people swallow this line that ‘the government’ must do something about it. The downward spiral then continues as an increasing number of individuals and families opt out and rely on the government. The more they do that the more the government does throw money at them and then they rely on the government even more.

I lived in England for 25 years and watched socialism destroy that country. It is easy to blame a political system, but why did people elect a socialist government in the first place? Because as individuals and families they were already too inclined to look to ‘the government’ to solve their problems for them.