One of the features of this blog is the Archived Articles section. I’ve been writing for over twenty five years and have built up a large collection of articles from a whole range of sources. I load them up to the Archived Articles section of the blog about twice a month. Because I’ve been busy with other projects this has fallen by the wayside a bit, but today I’m uploading four articles.

These are posted in the various categories at the bottom of the blog home page. Scroll down to see the different additional sections to the blog. One of the sections is Suburban Hermit–my blog section on Benedictine Spirituality. Another is Quest for the Creed–where I am loading the whole of my book Quest for the Creed chapter by chapter. Quest for the Creed is twenty short chapters on the Apostles’ Creed written from a creative perspective in a robust Chestertonian style. Donor Subscribers will eventually have the access to the whole book. So far we’re up to chapter ten of twenty.

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The new posts are:

The Mysterious Presence of Tom Bombadil – Fans of Lord of the Rings might be curious about the character of Tom Bombadill. Who is he and what does he mean in the Tolkien’s great saga?

Memes, Magicians and Manichees – Chapter Ten of Quest for the Creed examines the resurrection of Christ.

Flagging and Flabby? Get to the Spiritual Gym – An encouraging post for that post-Christmas lag time.

Mother of God – Defender of Orthodoxy – From the Apologetics section of the blog, this article is an excerpt from my book Our Lady? A Catholic Evangelical Debate. The whole book is available at the blog bookstore in hard copy and e-book format.

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