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 I try not to spend too much time reading the websites of ‘major’ newspapers, relying instead on my own choice of reading from which to gather the news. However a friend drew my attention recently to an article in the Daily Telegraph which is published in London, England.

In this recent article one of their journalists has compiled a list of  ‘top ten conspiracy theories’. I am very disappointed, but not surprised by the list. Here’s their list: I am sure you will be disappointed by it as well.

1. 9-11
2. Kennedy Assassination
3. Roswell
4. Fake Moon Landings
5. The Illuminati
6. Elvis Faked His Death
7. Shakespeare Wasn’t Shakespeare
8. Paul McCartney is Dead
9. Harold Wilson was a Soviet Spy
10. The AIDS virus was created in a lab to control world population

This list is typical of a British journalist who is trying to be anti-American and shore up the disintegrating British establishment at the same time. For instance, who even knows who Harold Wilson was? I can tell you he was a Labor Party British Prime Minister in  the 1970s. They weren’t Soviet Spies. They didn’t need to be. They were all communists to start with, as were most of the writers and actors in Hollywood at the time.

What is disappointing about the list are the much more serious conspiracy theories that the poor ignorant English journalist either ignored or knew nothing about. What about:

1. Elizabeth I of England was really a man
2. Bill Clinton is a Rockefeller love child
3. Jimmy Carter is a Kennedy love child
4. The Reagan would be assassin John Hinckley was a family friend of George HW Bush (who was Reagan’s VP at the time)
5. That the two women who tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford were CIA brainwashed dupes set up by Rockefeller and Bush. (Bush was then head of CIA and Nelson Rockefeller was VP)
6. That Adolph Hitler is alive on the dark side of the moon
7. The British Royal family are reptilian shape shifters who drink the blood of young children
8. Man Made Global Warming
9. ‘Pope’ John Paul I was poisoned by Archbishop Paul Marcinkus
10. ‘Pope’ John XXIII was a Freemason
11. Lady Di was executed at the orders of HRH Prince Philip and the SAS
12. The conspiracy by the buttoned maniplists in the fourteenth century against the be-ribboned.
13. That ‘Pope’ John XXIII’s body was not incorrupt when it was exhumed.
14. That the munchkins in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ were not really midgets, but grown actors walking about on their knees.

Clearly the reason these other very important theories were not mentioned by this ‘journalist’ is that he is part of the vast media cover up which is in place to support the New World Order which will be composed of the world’s great banking families, the European Union, the liberal intelligentsia and the owners of Ben and Gerry’s Ice Cream Manufacturing Company.