I recorded the Introduction to my twenty part podcast series Triumphs and Tragedies – a Short History of the Catholic Church. This podcast series will be available free here on my blog, but also at my iTunes channel and through BreadBox media.

The introductory episode will be available this Thursday. I’m going to try to post the episodes once a week, but will keep you informed. If you enjoy them, please pass the news on to others.

Why am I taking the trouble to do this? Because I think a lot of Catholics are a perturbed by what is happening in our society and in our church, and looking at history helps to steady the boat. Learning from the past helps us understand the present and plan for the future. Studying history helps us understand where we came from and therefore where we are going.

I’m not a professional historian, and each session will be about 30 minutes dealing with the high points of roughly one century per session. I’m not going to focus too much on the politics and power struggles, but on the spiritual work of God through the church. It’s called Triumphs and Tragedies because I will be looking at the heresies, corruption and problems in every age of the church, but I’ll also be considering the spiritual movements, renewal and examples of the saints in every age.

This will help us see clearly what God has done through the church and what he is doing now.

As soon as we finish getting the technical stuff taken care of the podcast will be available for download or listening here. I hope you’ll be in touch with feedback

In addition to the podcast I will be posting at the “Church History” section of the blog with links to other online material, books and audio that takes you deeper into the subjects I discuss week by week. This section of the blog is open to Donor Subscribers, and that is one of the ways listeners to the podcast can help support the podcast–which will be free for all.