Some readers of my new blog-website are disappointed that there is a donor-subscription aspect. I should remind you that this main part of the blog is free for all to read. In addition, ten years worth of archived blog posts are still available in my archive over at Patheos.

All new blog articles will be posted here, including links back to Patheos for some archived material which is worth keeping in circulation. Today’s post is a good example.

Fairly frequently people will get in touch with me saying they have a demon or are troubled with evil spirits. While they are certainly troubled the problem is rarely completely demonic in nature

If they do not display the symptoms of demonic possession, then they are more often troubled by what I describe to them as “evil spirits”. I go on to explain that the feel like it is an external evil force, but it is usually caused by something else.

The human personality is extremely complex and is made up of a tangle of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational dynamics.

While we categorize problems as physical, emotional, relational, mental or spiritual, in fact all five factors are mixed together in the whole person. Relational problems are inevitably emotional and involve mental, physical and spiritual components. Likewise spiritual and mental problems will have emotional and often physical and relational factors.

How these different factors inter-relate is usually difficult to untangle. There may be a demonic element in the mess, but not always.

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