The latest episode of my podcast series True Fairytales is available here. Strapplecross, like every scarecrow, doesn’t have a brain, but he’s a magical scarecrow. I wrote this story years ago when I was a school chaplain for a Harvest Sunday service. I’ve updated it and applied it to Thanksgiving. I think it works.

The idea of True Fairytales is that there is a little introduction in which the uses of fantasy literature is discussed so we learn a little about literature, stories and drama. Then I simply tell a story and let it stand on its own–hoping that listeners will discuss the story and listen again to get the full meaning.

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Go here for the story of Strapplecross the Scarecrow, and watch out later this week for my hour long interview with Taylor Marshall on the uses of fantasy fiction, myth, storytelling, C.S.Lewis, Tolkien and more.