They say truth without love is not true and love without truth is not loving.

Too much of the dialogue about people with same sex attraction has either been artificially loving, “There there. You were born that way. Just accept who you are and know God loves you and be happy with your gay spouse.” or harshly truthful: “You’re a wicked sinner who will burn forever in hell!”

In fact it is possible for Truth and Love to meet. In fact it is crucial that truth and love should meet. Truth is expressed in love and love is always fully honest.

Instead of complaining about Fr James Martin’s links with the non-Catholic gay advocacy group New Ways Ministry, or voices who condemn people with same sex attraction, why not get involved in the church’s approved outreach to people with same sex attraction?

The Courage apostolate has launched a new website that offers resources for those who minister to people who experience same sex attraction.

Truth and Love extends the already compassionate and pro active ministry of Courage and EnCourage to help others minister and welcome people who experience SSA. With resources on Church Teaching, Pastoral Care, Health and Wellbeing, Engaging the Culture the new website is a positive way to build bridges to people who are attracted to members of their own sex.

Check out this resource, recommend it, support it if you can.

Cardinal Dolan has written, ““I am pleased to introduce to you and recommend [Truth & Love] as a valuable tool for anyone who wishes to understand the host of theological and pastoral issues related to the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality and those who experience same-sex attraction.”