american-flagYou’ll be glad to hear that I’m not running for President, but here are my twelve ideas for making America great again.

  1. Give bigger tax breaks for charitable giving – Rather than taxing rich people to death, give them bigger tax breaks for charitable giving.
  2. Regulate charities more – Make sure charities really do charitable work and are not fronts for lobbying groups or fronts for abortion providers or political activism or slush funds for former politicians to receive bribes
  3. Invest in Peace not War While it is necessary to have a strong national defense, stop making war around the world and invest the money in our own infrastructure and in infrastructure grants for poor countries abroad. This will build peace and make loyal allies.
  4. Be Fair but Wary with the Muslims Not all Muslims are terrorists, but some are. Be wise as serpents but harmless as doves. Trust but verify.
  5. Support Adoption not Abortion The birth rate is falling due to contraception and abortion. Apart for the intrinsic morality it also doesn’t make sense to be destroying our future population. It shouldn’t cost tens of thousands in legal fees to adopt a child. Let the government funnel some of the millions it pumps into abortion provision into adoption support programs instead
  6. Balance the Books If we owe so much money to whom do we owe it? I suspect the reason the Muslim cause is advancing in the USA is because we owe lots of loot to the Saudis and Chinese and nobody is admitting it. If you owe somebody money he can call the shots.
  7. Support Private Education Private schools get good results. Tax money for education should be given back to parents in the form of vouchers so they can choose the school they want for their kids.
  8. Make Welfare Local The principle of subsidiarity means solutions are found and initiatives are best taken at the most local level possible. Government welfare money should be channeled downward into local charitable providers. If the people who rely on welfare had to get their check through a local church they would get more than money. They’d get genuine pastoral care, spiritual support and community concern….at a far lower price.
  9. Provide Universal Health Insurance – We pay for schools, police, fire services, libraries, national parks, defense and a whole long list of things that are for the common good. Why do Americans get so huffy about the idea that taxes could also be used to provide a universal health insurance? Universal health insurance helps the poor, helps families, helps the elderly. This is not a bad thing.
  10. Give Families Bigger Breaks bigger tax allowances for children and dependent adults (to help families look after their old people) grants for moms or dads who choose to stay at home to look after kids or older relatives, housing allowances and low cost loans for large families…the list could go on.
  11. Help Immigrants but Secure the Borders The vast majority of immigrants just want a better life for their family. Help them come here, but also help them integrate. They should learn English and become citizens.  However, for the common good there needs to be proper controls and secure borders.
  12. Positively Encourage Faith Religion of just about any kind is beneficial to society. People who pray and worship have a more positive attitude. They are better citizens. They are more honest. They are more responsible, more caring and mature. Sure there are plenty of religious stinkers, but there are far more religious people who are great and good. The government should encourage faith communities and value their input and criticism, not see them as the enemy.

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