Last week there was considerable talk about the latest letter fugitive archbishop Vigano sent to President Trump in which Vigano warns of “The Great Reset”–a global conspiracy to reset world economics and institute a global totalitarian state. You can read the letter and a fairly objective reporting about it here and you can read the predictably slanted mainstream media coverage of the letter here.

I read the letter and have read a few articles about the World Economic Forum’s dream of a new economic order. If conspiracies are secret affairs there does not seem to be that much that is secret. Time magazine featured a cover story on the “great reset” and WEF leaders are on video discussing how the pandemic provides the perfect excuse to introduce population control, monitoring and usher in an economic collapse out of which could emerge the new economic order.

I’m also reading Rod Dreher’s new book  Live Not By Lies  in which Dreher discusses in detail the advances made by information technology companies in the daily control and influencing of our lives. He also discusses the “social credit” system of control already in place in China and sees that as a model for growing manipulation by nefarious powers.

All of this is interesting stuff, and as readers of my blog will know, I’m fascinated by conspiracy theories of all kinds. I’m always skeptical of them for common sense reasons, but also interested in them because of what they reveal about us, our perceptions of reality, our need to feel that someone, somewhere is in control and that whoever is “out there” is ultimately an evil force being used by dark powers.

In pointing these things out I’m not necessarily dismissing all conspiracy theories as the dark imaginings of a fevered mind. I think they often are–especially when people become obsessive about them, but almost always conspiracy theories have just enough evidence and truth to them to be convincing. The fact that they are supposedly secretive is all the more reason to be suspicious and if there is not enough evidence that becomes evidence at how good the bad guys were at covering things up.

So, that being said, what shall we think about Archbishop Vigano’s letter and the threat of “the Great Reset”? Firstly, as I’ve written, it doesn’t seem to be that great of a secret. The WEF are open about their wish for this global initiative. I have no doubt that they have the contacts within world governments and the financial system to try to engineer and manipulate things to try to bring this about. I also have no doubt that leaders of education and the church are also in place to support such a system. The Vatican, under Pope Francis, certainly seems to have some influential players who mouth all the things you would expect from such a utopian dream:

  • environmentalism “The new world we’ll be creating is going to be environmentally authentic, creative and positive!”
  • human rights “Everyone will be loved and valued!”
  • collectivism: “There will guaranteed income. Poverty will be eliminated!”
  • destruction of family: “There are many types of family. All are good!”
  • shared ownership: “No one will own anything. We will all share!”
  • ecumenism and multi-faith: “An equal voice for all religions! Global spirituality!”
  • communism: “China is good. The Chinese are showing the way forward!”

So do I think Vigano’s warnings are apt? I do. The evidence is there of plans for this kind of new world order.

Do I think it is a vast secret conspiracy engineered by rich and powerful people? Not really. This is what rich and powerful people do don’t they? They get together with other rich and powerful people to become more rich and powerful. They get together to create a one world government and control the whole world. This is, in fact, what rich and powerful people have done since the Tower of Babel. In fact, this is the whole way of the world from day one. The way of the world has always (sometimes in microcosm in our own families) behaved. Humanity in rebellion against God has always sought, under the influence of the Lord of this World–to control this world and bring in into submission to the Prince of Darkness.

This should not be news to Christians. In fact, it is what we have been battling against ever since the Lord Jesus Christ came to this earth to establish his own kingdom, which, by the way, he taught us was “not of this world.” From the beginning we have not been “battling against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers..the spiritual forces in high places.”

If we see some sort of globalist government emerging we should not be surprised. This is the age old battle. Satan never sleeps.

On the other hand I am also inclined to take a deep breath and watch and wait. The utopian dreamers of the one world government and new economic system will probably underestimate the recalcitrance and common sense of ordinary people. The anti-lockdown demonstrations in Europe are a hint of the resistance such a new system will meet. The utopian dreamers talk and dream and plan amongst themselves. The elitists never really understand the common man who they so despise and wish to conform to their wishes. In the end, the ordinary people win. The collapse of communism shows that the ordinary men and women and the local movements prevail in the end.

There may be much suffering, but the Tower of Babel always collapses.

Do I think such a globalist dream exists and that there are forces in place to try to make it work? It would make sense. Do I think it will succeed? I’m dubious. There are simply too many moving parts to make this work. There are too many unpredictable elements–too many variables. There are too many people and organizations who will not co-operate and will slip out of the net. Sure, a lot of ordinary people will be dumb sheep and go along with whatever their masters tell them, however there are an awful lot of people who won’t–and what of the multitudes of people in the developing world? Will they too be brought to heel under the command of the global masters? How will they make that happen?

On the other hand, the Scriptures teach us that in the end times the AntiChrist will appear and beside him will be the false prophet. A world leader will appear and will be aligned with a spiritual teacher, and that this will be the signs pointing to the return of the Lord. Might we be entering into just such a crisis? It could be, but history has shown that there have been many such antichrists and false prophets seeking to establish their own “new world order.” Furthermore, the devil always overplays his hand. People go along drinking the kool-aid and accepting the propaganda and believing the lies, then he takes it too far and ordinary people wake up and say, “Hold on. Stop right there. I see what you are up to. I’m not part of this. In fact, I and many people like me, are going to resist.”

The underlying worldview which believers must maintain is the true conviction that this is not our home. Heaven is. We are pilgrims here. We are wilderness warriors. You see, any form of utopianism (and make no mistake the dreamers of the Great Reset are classic utopianists) is based on the belief that there is no heaven or hell and that we must therefore create our heaven here on earth. Belief in a utopia is always anti-Christian and atheist. That’s why they attack the church and Christians.

That is why all utopian dreams always end in totalitarianism–because if you want to create a utopia you have to deal with those “backward and stubborn people”… all the deplorables who cling to their guns and religion. People who believe in a utopia must, therefore, quash those who demur and refuse to join the starry eyed dreamers and planners.

However, if we believe that Christ’s kingdom is not of this world, and if we look for a heavenly city whose builder and maker is God, then we will not become suckers for utopian and totalitarian dreams.

So, at this point our response is what is has been for the last two thousand years. Be alert. Watch and pray and be vigilant. Know that this is the way of the world and we are strangers and sojourners here. Live today as if the status quo will continue happily, but also live today in prayerful readiness with our eyes fixed not on the troubles of this world, but on the Lord Jesus–the King of the Universe– who lives and reigns forever and ever. If the time comes when the darkness descends pray for courage to stand up for what is right.

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