What kind of news have we witnessed over the last few months? A face-eating cannibal in Florida, a sadistic homosexual cannibal in Montreal who videos a murder, dismemberment and necrophilia then mails body parts to unsuspecting victims. Or shall we discuss the fact that the video is online for millions to view, and a public high school teacher shows the video to a tenth grade class–and that the kids voted by an overwhelming majority to view the disgusting film? Maybe we should highlight the global rise of gender selective abortion which murders unborn little girls, or for that matter new born little girls. What about the resurgence of child sacrifice and cannibalism in Africa or the deliberate sex trafficking of young girls in Britain?

How do we treat animals? News today of “Donkey Roping” in Texas where the prod a donkey until he runs in terror, then chase him on horses, rope him down, tie his front legs to one horse and back legs to another then ride in opposite directions. Dog fights and cock fights are resurgent–not to mention the horrors of some of our factory farming slaughterhouses.

In the face of such horrifying news you could respond with nonchalance…”Come now, society has always had its share of psychopaths. These are isolated, sick souls who need to be locked up forever.” Furthermore, the rest of us have always had a morbid interest in such things. The Jack the Rippers and Lizzie Bordens of this world will always sell newspapers, and we stop and stare just like everyone else. It is part of the human condition.

Yes, but. Are we not more calloused than we were before? Are we not more indifferent to these crimes? Are we not less shocked than ever before? I think this is so, and here’s why: Read more.