Janey McGarrey is the first winner in the free book contest. John Miniter is the second.

This little contest is to help me get my Donor Subscriber numbers to my target for this introductory month of October.

At first every fifth Donor-Subscriber was offered a free book of their choice from my bookstore (except for the new book on the Magi) Now every THIRD subscriber gets a free book!

This is a serious offer, but let me be more serious for a moment. Last night after the 5pm Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary a man came up to speak to me. He said simply, “Thank you for your blog Father. It was one of the main influences that brought me back to the church. You don’t know how many people are out there reading your stuff, but there are many who never get in touch with you, and you have helped us. Keep up the good work!”

Whenever I am inclined to stop blogging or I get blogged out the Lord brings someone like this across my path. Its true I enjoy blogging, but this is why I do it. The new media really is an immediate, global publishing phenomenon.

With internet analytics I can see where my readers are located and I am always humbled and amazed that they are literally all over the world. The blog reaches on average about 50,000 readers per month.

If you are a Donor Subscriber you help reach these souls with the core message which is “welcome to Catholicism–the fullness of the Christian faith.”

To boost enthusiasm for this I am now making every THIRD new donor subscriber a free book winner.

This offer will last until the end of the month, so take your chances now! Go here to subscribe.