America magazine publishes the very interesting results from a survey of Catholic women. You can read about it here.

According to the survey six out of ten would favor women being ordained as permanent deacons.

Wot? I thought we were all supposed to be against more clericalism in the church, but now we are saying we want yet another layer of ordained people?

This is the age of the laity right? So ain’t that a smack in the face to all those good women who serve as part of the laity? Isn’t it saying, “Well thank you very much ladies, but you’re not really one of the Lord’s servants unless you get yourselves ordained.”

Please listen to the Anglicans and Lutherans who have been through this long drawn out torture. The women’s ordination thing all started with pressure for women deacons.

Believe me, its the thin edge of the iceberg getting its toe in the door.

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