Pro-life activists should ponder an important question.

Why does the federal government keep pumping money into Planned Parenthood? The Democrats don’t apologize for it and keep tooting their horn about women’s rights. The Republicans make self righteous denunciations but don’t do anything.

Both parties keep pumping taxpayers’ money into this corrupt and sleazy abortion mill.







It’s the money.

Think about it. The Planned Parenthood clinics are usually located in low rent neighborhoods. What babies are being aborted on the taxpayers dollar? The babies of the underclass.

Why does the government think it is important to abort these babies? Because they think women of the underclass have lots of them. They are undisciplined in the use of birth control and they have more pregnancies. They are unable to support the babies because of broken families and a range of other health, education, employment and addiction problems.

Who will have to pay for those babies? The government. They government has to pay to support all those single moms and their kids, and the more they give handouts to single moms, the more the moms realize that to have another baby means they get more support money from the government.

Furthermore, before too long those single mothers are single grandmothers because their daughters are repeating the pattern and getting pregnant at fifteen and having more babies which the government supports and before long those single mothers are single great grandmothers and there are even more babies for the government to support and the underclass keeps growing.

Even more scary is the question of what happens when that underclass gets too big and too unhappy and too unwieldy and too rebellious.

The people in power aren’t dumb. They can see the trajectory.

Therefore, they control the population where it starts. Its called eugenics, and that is what it has been about ever since Margaret Sanger started preaching her theology of racism and violence.

Kill them in the womb. Keep silent if you’re a Republican, and say it is all about “helping women in the underclass improve themselves” if you’re a Democrat.

This is why being anti-abortion is not enough.

What if the government were to invest the same money–and more–in providing proper health care for women, in paying the medical bills for giving birth and in picking up the tab for adoption (it costs thousands in legal fees for a couple to adopt). What if, after that, they provided tax breaks for families who adopt? What if they funded more subsidies for families? What if they paid moms to stay at home and look after their kids so they didn’t have to out to work? What if they subsidized mortgages for couples who were married and had kids?

In other words instead of killing the next generation what if they used the same money to help raise them with confidence and an abundant attitude?

But even more than money is needed.

The only thing that will change this trajectory is for a long term, far reaching emphasis on re-building the family, but the family unit in the USA is now so broken into smithereens that I don’t think there is either the will or the way to re-build it intentionally.

Instead the change will come from individual men and women deciding that the best thing they can do to change the world is to get married, stay married and have a good number of kids who are brought up to love and honor one another, serve God and build a great big beautiful family.