I am going to find it difficult to leave Twitter, but when I examine my relationship with the micro-blogging site, I think I will have no regrets in the long run.

I originally joined Facebook and Twitter in order to promote my blog posts and drive traffic to my main means of sharing the Catholic faith–this blog/website. However, Twitter and FB became more than that. I started wasting too much time on them, and this was time that I could have spent with family and friends and time I should have spent writing positive stuff to strengthen and encourage the faithful and to evangelize.

Another reason is because Twitter is clearly a secularist organization that tracks, controls and censors material. That’s okay. Twitter has the right to do that, but I don’t have to belong to their empire. I can opt out and so can you. Of course certain safeguards and guidelines need to be in place, but I’m a big boy. I don’t need Big Brother looking over my shoulder telling me what I can and can’t tweet.

The main reason I’m leaving, however, is that Twitter has become a noxious element in my life, and that’s not Twitter’s fault. It’s mine. It  is difficult to leave is because I have nearly 45,000 followers. I realize this is not in the ball park of the big Tweeters, but it 45K is significant and it pleases me for the wrong reasons. First, it feeds my ego to check my profile and think there are that many people out there just waiting to gobble up my latest thoughts. That’s not good. Also it pleases me to check too many times a day to see if people are reading, liking, re-tweeting and responding. That also is not good. Little me who, like everyone else, likes attention, should be ashamed of this hunger for attention and I am ashamed to admit it. So for these reasons I am pulling the plug.

So I’m leaving Twitter soon. I’m letting folks know if they want to follow me to bookmark this blog/website. I will continue to produce content here that I hope people will appreciate, and if you do, then join as a Donor Subscriber, use the combox and share in the conversations here.

Am I going to go over to Parler and MeWe? I’m present at both, but do not plan to spend much time there.