If you want to read more about Mary order my book, Mary-A Catholic Evangelical Debate.

I wrote this book with a guy who was at Bob Jones University with me. David Gustafson is now an Evangelical who attends and Episcopal Church. He argues the Evangelical side and I defend the Catholic side, and we go into great detail into all the Marian doctrines and customs.

Some have said it is the best apologetics book on Mary out there. (And the author is really modest too…) Peter Kreeft wrote this about it: There is simply no other book in print that explores this most immovable impasse between Protestants and Catholics in a way that both uncompromising Evangelicals like J.I.Packer and uncompromising Catholics like Richard John Neuhaus can wholly applaud. Clear, honest, mutually respectful, uncompromising and illuminating.

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