My new book is published next week.

Beheading Hydra – A Radical Plan for Christians in an Atheistic Age looks at sixteen insidious “ism’s” that infest our modern society and are like sixteen heads on the monster that is atheism. The first half of the book explains what the sixteen isms are and explores the historical background and their influence in society today.

The second half of the book gives specific, practical, radical Christian antidotes for each one of the ism’s. Here is what pre-readers had to say about the book:

We live in a difficult age, one marked by constant flux and where traditional ways of thinking are under seemingly constant attack.  To be a faithful Christian at such a moment is not easy and there is no simple spiritual vaccine or silver bullet which can solve our problems.  Nor does Fr. Longenecker offer such.  Instead, he offers a thorough and multifaceted diagnosis of our present condition and then a solution, or rather complex of solutions, rooted in a recovery and application of Christian truths. Practically grounded in repentance and metaphysically grounded in an understanding of our selves as given identity by, and answerable to, God, the proposals of this accessible yet profound  book will fortify pastors and lay Christians alike as they seek to be salt and light in this world.’ –  Carl R Trueman, Grove City College , author of The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self.

Father Dwight Longenecker never ceases to astonish me. He sees the culture of death with lucidity, shining the light of Christ on its darkness. Who else could connect sin and Sinatra, Disneyworld with Aldous Huxley, prophecy with Puddleglum, and barbarism with Barbie dolls? In a world lulled to sleep by the wicked witch of the decadent west, Father Longenecker wakens us with the of the fire of faith, vivid writing and a fertile imagination. — Joseph Pearce, biographer and editor of the St Austin Review.

You can order the book from Sophia Institute Press here or get a signed copy from my website here. (just note in the purchase procedure that you would like it signed)