I must plead guilty to a click bait title for this blog post, but I wanted the title to be arresting because there it is an important question to be asked.

The question was prompted by a story I heard recently from a youth worker. A certain youth organization was being sued because on one of their outings an eight year old boy offered to perform a sex act on an older boy in return for a favor purchased from the camp store. This scandalized a group of parents who, in turn, brought a lawsuit.

My question was, “Did the child have any idea that what he was doing was wrong?” He was eight years old. Given the hyper sexualization of our society, the availability of pornography and the lack of Christian teaching on morality–did the eight year old have any idea that what he was doing was wrong? Maybe not.

It then raises the further question, “If they had gone through with their deal and both boys were consenting and both boys enjoyed what happened, was it wrong? If it was wrong, why was it wrong?

There are some who would contend that it is not wrong at all and turn a blind eye. “Boys play sex games. It’s no big deal.” Is it a big deal? If so, why is it a big deal?

I’m asking these questions because. if anyone dares to ask this question, most people would have a problem articulating just why such an encounter is wrong, and their confusion is understandable. We have already been conditioned to accept that sexual activity outside of marriage between consenting adults is just fine, so why not consensual sexual activity among minors? We have already been conditioned to accept that consensual sexual activity between two men is okay, so what’s wrong with consensual sexual activity between two boys?

Please be assured that I am not posing these questions because I think this activity is okay. Of course I think it is wrong, but I know why it is wrong, and here’s why:

First, and most essentially it is wrong because sexual activity is to strengthen the union of husband and wife and for the procreation of children. Any sexual activity that is for recreation or business purposes (giving favors or receiving payment) is a corruption and distortion of the sexual gift. Therefore, from a standpoint of Christian morality any sexual activity outside of marriage is intrinsically disordered.

Secondly, this is wrong because the innocence and innate modesty of children is to be guarded and preserved. Their innocence and modesty is a beautiful gift which is soiled by premature sexual adventures.

Finally, sexual activity involves more than the achievement of genital stimulation and physical contentment. Because we are a trinity of body, mind and spirit, the sexual act has spiritual, psychic and psychological ramifications. In other words, when we engage in sexual activity our mind and spirit are also engaged–not just our reproductive organs. A child is vulnerable spiritually and psychologically and should not be violated–even if he is consenting.

It should be obvious that these reasons are rooted in a Christian anthropology, theology and Christian morality. Those who do not hold to these foundational beliefs will be hard pressed to find any reason why sex between two kids is wrong. For the atheistic materialist the only thing that matters (pardon the pun) is the physical. There is no reason, from their point of view, that the said activity ought to be considered wrong.

This discussion illustrates the deep influence of Christianity on, not just the Western world, but on all of human society. Why is child sex taboo? Because Christian sexual morality is deeply engrained in our culture. Do not be surprised, therefore, that as we abandon Christianity we will also abandon Christian teaching on sexual morality. In fact, we can rightly suggest that the abandonment of the sexual morality came first. Abandonment of the faith has followed.

Also, do not be deceived. The destruction of Christian sexual morality is the objective of all the sexual activists in our society. Whether it is the feminists, the homosexualists, the “Drag Queens” the trans-sexual activists or those pushing for a re-definition of marriage–all of them have as (at least) their implicit agenda if not their explicit agenda to disrupt, distort and destroy Christian sexual morality.

Why is this? It is because their father–the Father of Lies–hates humanity. He hates marriage. He hates husbands and wives. He hates little children. Moloch has always lusted for the blood of infants. He wants to devour little children.

It is only a full blooded, fully vibrant Christianity that can ward off this vampiric evil. The answer is not propaganda or arguments or philosophical debates. The answer is to affirm our marriages, to love our husbands and wives and obey the first commandment to be fruitful and multiply. Get married. Love your spouse, Make love. Make babies. Nurture and love and protect them. This is what it means to be truly pro-life. It is the way of joy, the way of abundance, the way of peace.

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