Pope Pius XI established the Feast of Christ the King just about 100 years ago. In the 1920s the world was witnessing the rise not only of communism in Russia, but the increasing global power of the USA. It was Pope John Paul II who later recognized that there were two materialistic, atheistic systems: Communism and unrestrained Capitalism. JP2 considered capitalism to be a more workable economic system, but as an ideology he recognized that it was intrinsically materialistic and therefore atheistic

The Feast of Christ the King is a reminder that, for Christians, Christ is the King of the Universe. No human empire or ideology can reign in the hearts of the baptized. That Communism is atheistic is no secret. Indeed, it is aggressively, explicitly atheistic. The atheism in the West is more profound because it is more subtle. It is underground. It is in the foundations. It is in the genetic code of our Western, capitalistic system.

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At this point in history we are seeing the emergence of an atheistic, globalist system that will not be explicitly atheistic…at least not at first. At first it will simply be “secular”. In the USA it will hide behind the doctrine of the separation of church and state. The powers that be will say they are in favor of “Freedom of worship” but this will mask their denial and “freedom of religion” that is the freedom to speak out in the public square against all that is anti-Christian. In other words, “you may do what you like in your church, synagogue or mosque, but keep it there on the weekend.”

The beauty of the Feast of Christ the King is that it implies that Jesus Christ actually has a kingdom. We are used to him speaking of the “Kingdom of Heaven” and certainly he is the King of all Creation in a metaphysical sense, as St Paul’s teaching in Colossians affirms. (Col. 1: 1-20)

However, stop for a moment and consider the fact that in the Catholic Church Jesus Christ also has a kingdom on earth. What characteristics does an earthly kingdom have?

  • A geographical territory – We have the Vatican City
  • Geographically identified infrastructure – We have provinces, archdioceses, dioceses and parishes.
  • A Law Code and justice system – We have the Code of Canon Law and Canon law judicial protocols
  • A military and security system – The Swiss Guards are not just young men in fancy uniforms. They also provide genuine security
  • An Economic and banking system – The Vatican bank
  • A diplomatic corps – The system of  nunciatures,  nuncios and diplomatic officials
  • A postal and coinage system – The Vatican issues stamps and coins.

While this might seem “worldly” to some, think how unusual this is. No other religion has this. No other religion even professes to be a worldwide religion like the Catholic Church with both temporal and spiritual dimensions. But this temporal reality is a mark of authenticity and a visible reality that confirms the truth that the Church is a sacrament of salvation.

Jesus Christ, during his time on earth, embodied at once in his person both a temporal and spiritual dimension. It should come as no surprise therefore, that the Body of Christ on earth should also display in herself this spiritual and temporal dimension.

This Kingdom of Christ on earth is our answer to the secular globalist threat. Do you want the brotherhood of man? Do you want a fellowship of nations? Do you want a global organization that transcends all barriers of race, ethnicity and culture? Do you want a global organization that works for peace, harmony, reconciliation and forgiveness? Do you want a global organization that works to nurture, health and education, overcome poverty, minister kindness and light to the needy, the prisoners, the sick and the helpless? Do you want a global organization that sticks up for victims, fights for justice, supports families, loves children, helps immigrants, fights tyranny, hates racism and proclaims a positive, beautiful future for mankind?

Go home. Fold up your plans for global domination. Retire. Fuhgeddaboudit. Such an organization already exists. It has existed for 2000 years and it continues to survive and thrive.

It is called the Catholic Church.