Is there a demonic element to seemingly ordinary human problems?


While full blown demonic possession is rare, it is much more common for souls to be troubled by what might be called “demonic infection”.

In counseling people spiritually I have come to believe that there is a state of demonic influence in our lives which is greater than temptation and less than obsession. “Demonic infection” is when a person has opened themselves up to the influence of Satan in one particular area of their lives an that holds them back spiritually. I use the term “demonic infection” because it is as if the person has a spiritual infection. It’s not ruining their life completely and its not cutting them off from God totally, but like a physical infection, it is a nuisance. It causes a malady or pain or minor irritation. If it is not dealt with it could spread and become life threatening. So a “demonic infection” can spread and do great damage.

Demonic infection can hinder prayer and hold the person back from achieving victory over sin. I’ve known demonic infection to be the cause of a stubborn addiction problem, an irrational anger problem, non clinical depression, sexual hang ups, relationship problems and spiritual blockages.

Of course these problems are not always demonic in origin nor are they completely demonic. Sometimes the spiritual infection is a side aspect of a deeper problem or the result of a choice for sin. The infection might take place and the devil gets a foothold through the deliberate choice of sin. A Christian person might open themselves to the dark side through choosing to sin and that aspect of their life might always remain in shadow. Just as physical infection can be a complicating factor in a physical injury, so demonic infection can be a complicating factor in an otherwise ordinary psychological, spiritual or relationship problem.

What can be done about it? There are some practical steps any Catholic can take to be positive and proactive in countering demonic infection. Continue Reading.