I have been blogging for twelve years and there is a load of archived material which I am gradually uploading  to this blog and categorizing.

Do you remember all my alter egos?

The Vicar, Mantilla the Hon, Caitlin O’Rourke, Mrs Brady, Catholic Old Lady, Duane Mandible, Todd Unctious and more?

These were satirical make believe characters who used to appear regularly on the blog.

For some reason they don’t anymore. I am not quite sure why.

Maybe my sense of humor is shriveling up, but most of all I just don’t hear their voices anymore.

Yes, I’m that crazy!

But if you enjoyed them and would like to find them again its easy enough.

Donor Subscribers can access all of them in the “Alter Egos” section of the “Archived Articles” section of the blog.

You can use the new Categories selection widget in the right sidebar to search for the ones you would like to read again.

Everyone can use the new Categories selection facility to also connect to various categories of my blog posts and podcasts. So, for example, if you want to see all of the Triumphs and Tragedies podcasts you can use the Categories selector to go there. The same is true of my podcast homilies.

If you want to read them for free they are still posted over at Patheos and you can go to my blog there and search the categories.

There are over 40 of these archived posts made available today.

Also, in the Film and Television section I have uploaded the series of reviews I wrote on the classic TV version of Waugh’s Brideshead Re-Visited.

I’m making this archived material especially easy for Donor Subscribers to use.

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