You’ll remember the master of Philadelphia’s house of horrors–abortionist Kermit Gosnell. He ran a disgusting abortion clinic, had a sideline of running drugs and kept dead baby parts stashed in fridges and cupboards in a filthy clinic. You’ll also remember how Pennsylvania health officials turned a blind eye to the clinic from hell for years because they didn’t want the bad press of being “anti choice.”

You’ll also remember how the media ignored the story, downplayed the trial and attempted to blacklist the movie about Gosnell.

Now we hear news that over 2,200 unborn baby corpses have been discovered at the Illinois home of deceased abortionist Dr Ulrich Kopfler. Fox News has the story here. I’ve been unable to find it elsewhere so far this morning. A stash of over 2,200 “fetal remains”. That’s the evidence from just one abortionist from South Bend, Indiana. On a side note, I wonder what pro abortion Mayor Pete Buttigieg thinks of this son of South Bend.

What sparks my curiosity about this story is what people find shocking about it. Are we just grossed out because the bodies of over 2,000 dead babies were stashed away in some creepy guy’s house? Is it simply the gruesome aspect of this story that makes us shiver?

Of course those of us who are pro life see in this story the usual disdain for human life. We’re not surprised at the Kermit Gosnells and Ulrich Kopflers. Nor are we surprised by the videos made by David Daleiden which showed Planned Parenthood execs calmly discussing the sale of baby body parts as the snacked on a salad and sipped their Chianti.

Are we creeped out because we imagine what Dr Kopfler might have been doing with the dead babies? Did he keep them for research? Was he hoping to sell the bodies to some medical research firm? Was he experimenting on them like the Dr Mengele of South Bend? The imagination brings us to the stuff of nightmares.

It seems any decent human being should be dismayed by the discovery in the house of Dr Kopfler, but we have to push the question even further. If abortion is okay, then why should anybody be creeped out? If removing the “products of conception” from the woman’s body is no more serious than pulling a tooth, then why be alarmed or disturbed by Dr Kopfler’s grim hoard?  If the “product of conception” is just a clump of cells, then Dr Kopfler’s stash of dead babies is no more serious than hair or toenail clippings.

Americans need to face the reality of abortion. We want to turn our face away. We want the clinics to put the “products of conception” into a plastic bag and have the “medical waste” disposal experts collect the results discretely and incinerate them. All of this should be done by polite people in white coats in clinics with potted plants, comfortable waiting rooms with pleasant landscapes on the pastel painted walls.

I expect this story will be ignored by the mainstream media in the same way they ignored Daleiden’s videos, downplayed Gosnell’s bloody pit, ignored the film about Gosnell and do everything possible to turn their face away from the reality of America’s holocaust.

After the second world war the Allies made Germans walk through the concentration camps. The picture illustrating this blog post is of German soldiers who were made to view a film showing the discovery of the concentration camps.

The “good Episcopalian” mayor of South Bend who is running for POTUS should show a video on big screen the stash of dead babies found in the Kopfler house.