If you read this blog you know there are no ads. None at all. No pop ups. No ads for the Mormon Church. No junky ads at the bottom of the page about celebrities who have lost their looks. No annoying videos that start playing when you don’t want them. Nothing.

I also make it a point not to promote or push all the books and products people want me to push. If I have a genuine recommendation for you I’ll tell you, and if I have a book review that might interest you, I’ll write about it.

However, producing a good looking blog like this is not free. I have to pay hosting fees, design fees and maintenance fees to the good folks at Kickstart Media who help me out. Donor-Subscribers make this possible.

This month I will be launching the podcast dimension to the blog. Already my weekly homilies are posted as podcasts, but I will also be producing a twenty part series on the history of the Catholic Church called Triumphs and Tragedies. This will go out on BreadBox Media, my iTunes channel and be posted here on the blog. These podcasts will be free, but again, they are not free to produce. Donor Subscribers help make them possible and help provide them free for thousands of listeners worldwide.

Therefore, twice a year I will be having a two week drive to recruit more Donor Subscribers. Over the next two weeks I’ll be letting you know with blog posts and emails what the benefits are to being a Donor-Subscriber, but for the short cut you can just go here.

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Couldn’t be easier!