I know what your problem is. In fact, I know what everyone’s problem is. Furthermore, I not only know the problem, I have the solution.

Maybe your problem is that your are greedy or selfish or lustful. Maybe you are insecure or you are arrogant (which is another way to be insecure). Maybe you are confused or bereaved or lonely. Maybe you are sick and suffering, unemployed, discouraged and depressed. Maybe you think you are too fat or too thin, too poor or too rich. Maybe you have an addiction: you are an alcoholic or a sex addict or a drug addict or a fat cat financier addicted to money, status and power. Or maybe you are an adulterer or a thief or maybe you are just a comfortable middle class suburbanite who is utterly, crashingly fed up and bored. Maybe you have one of these problems or one or many more.

I am convinced that at the heart of all our problems is an empty or a broken heart. What I mean is that there is a “love lack.” Our problems stem from the fact that we do not have enough love–total, unconditional, over whelming love. Somewhere along the line an ache like a hunger pang developed in our heart and we sensed way down deep that we were not loved, or at least we were not loved enough. From that perceived lack of love we developed our problem. All the problems listed above and all the others you can think of are some sad sort of human attempt to fill the gap.

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