How Can You Heal Your Family Tree?

2014-07-18T10:15:24-04:00July 18th, 2014|Categories: Spirituality|Tags: , , |

Healing the Family Tree is a groundbreaking book by the British psychiatrist Kenneth McCall. I met Dr McCall when I lived in England, and used his book in my own developing healing ministry as an Anglican priest. Dr McCall was brought up in China as the son of Christian missionaries. While there he experienced exorcisms and [...]

The Roots of Rage

2013-07-16T16:18:25-04:00July 16th, 2013|Categories: Catholic Culture, Patheos|Tags: , , , , , |

This summer in America has erupted in racially charged protests about the verdict on the killing of Trayvon Martin. Yesterday I posted this video of an atheist who went berserk with rage. I've commented earlier about the irrational rage which seems to be simmering just below the surface in our country, and wrote here about my [...]


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