I try every week to load four articles to the archived articles section, but time does not always allow. Here are this week’s four articles.

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Here are this week’s articles:

The Pope of Princes and Paupers – A post observing how the pope is the Father in God to the high and mighty as well as the weak and lowly.

On the Importance of Shoes – A whimsical post on shoes and what they say about us.

Ambitiously Ambidextrous – “Seated at God’s Right Hand in Glory” Chapter 12 from Quest for the Creed. Go here to check out the hard copy of Quest for the Creed.

Mother Goddess or Mother of God? – This longer article from the apologetics section argues the case for Mary Mother of God. For more on Marian apologetics check out my book Our Lady? – A Catholic Evangelical Debate -written with. David Gustafson– an old classmate from Bob Jones.