Another feature of my new blog-website is that I will be jumping back to my old location at Patheos to share with you some of the archived articles from the past ten years of blogging. These links will be part of the free for all main blog.

In 2013 I wrote this blog post about St Jerome and St Therese;

Today’s feast day for St Jerome falls happily the day before the feast of St Therese of Lisieux. St Therese said, “How different are all the saints! In heaven the greatest doctor of the church will sit down with a little child.”

So it is with these two. St Jerome–the cave dweller and patron of all bookish types who retreat to their cave and don’t like to be disturbed: St Jerome–the patron saint of curmudgeons and scholars. St Jerome was a noted controversialist and unwilling to compromise with the spirit of the age.

Next to this grumpy old guy we have a sweet little girl tomorrow we celebrate St Therese and are thus reminded that it takes all types of saints to make up the Body of Christ…Go here to read the whole post.

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