The second episode of my YouTube series is now up and here it is on the blog. This content is free for all here and at YouTube.

What’s the point? Why am I making a YouTube series on Myths, Monsters and the Mysteries? To be honest I’m trying to take a bold and creative step in the direction of evangelization. What are people interested in who are cut off from religion? I reckon an awful lot of people are interested in stories, films, fantasy literature, science fiction and superhero stories. All of that is myth and it interests me too. What else are people interested in? The supernatural–cryptozoology, spooks, ghosts, UFOs, aliens–all kinds of monsters. This is the fascinating stuff of popular culture, but it should also be the intersection of culture with religion.

Why? Because religion is meant to be our connection with myth and the supernatural. Instead we’ve turned it into a sedate, respectable suburban hobby called Moralistic, Therapeutic Deism.

My YouTube series takes a serious look at the supernatural and stories in order to make connections back to religion–especially the Catholic faith. That’s why I’ve chosen to wear my dog collar and have a very Catholic looking background for the video series.

Because I use literature, myth and powerful imagery in my new book Immortal Combat – Confronting the Heart of Darkness the YouTube series is also a way to direct people to that book and my blog and other writings.

A friend has edited the films and added the graphics and I think he’s done a great job. If you are a Donor Subscriber–especially at the upper levels, you have helped to make this possible. Thank you!

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