I am so blessed to be the pastor of Our Lady of the Rosary church!

On this our feast day I would like to link readers to this free article from the Pathos archive: Ten Reasons Why the Rosary is Powerful  

Also, if you like Catholic eye candy, why not take an ogle at this beautiful photo shoot of the new Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Greenville, South Carolina? This is the church where I am Pastor and our people have been so generous and enthusiastic in building this beautiful temple for the Lord.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to remind readers about the two books I have written on the holy rosary. Praying the Rosary for Inner Healing has helped thousands of people over the years. The unique idea of this little book is that the rosary takes us through the stages of life from conception to death.

If there were wounds or hurt in our life and relationships in life’s various stages, then with the rosary we pray God’s healing grace into those places to bring reconciliation and healing.

Praying the Rosary for Spiritual Warfare is the second book in this series. The idea of this book is that evil is always something good that has been distorted or destroyed. In each mystery of the rosary we identify some good that the devil has twisted and we pray for God to bless and prosper the good things that put right what has gone so terrible wrong. This book looks at the evil of immorality, violence, abortion, war and offers a thoughtful, prayers way of doing something about it.

Both books are practical, step by step manuals for deepening and enriching your experience of praying the rosary.

This blog post would be incomplete if I did not mention the fantastic Warrior Rosaries devised and developed by my friend Tom Sullivan. These beautiful, strong and durable rosaries make terrific confirmation presents or just because you need a good rosary yourself. Go here to learn more.