Video Course: Immortal Combat Deep Dive


A six session course exploring the philosophical sources for the book, Immortal Combat- Confronting the Heart of Darkness.

You can watch this series on your own or download and watch with a study group in your parish.



This six session course takes you on a deep dive into the sources for my book Immortal Combat – Confronting the Heart of Darkness.

Session One – The Problem: Human Violence

Session Two – Friedrich Nietzsche – The 19th c. German philosopher and  the Will to Power

Session Three – Max Scheler – The Negative Power of Resentment

Session Four – Rene Girard – The Climax in the Scapegoat Mechanism

Session Five – M.Scott Peck – The People of the Lie

Session Six – What to do About It? – Drawing it Together and the Solution.


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