The Way of the Wilderness Warrior

The Way of the Wilderness Warrior


Austin Fairfax is a young college student who is set a challenge by his parish priest–to embark on an adventure to learn the Way of the Wilderness Warrior–the way of spiritual maturity in Christ. His quest leads him to the hermitage of an amazing old monk who takes him step by step on the spiritual hero’s quest.



Using Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey as a map for spiritual growth, The Way of the Wilderness Warrior weaves together insights from the Rule of St Benedict, Carmelite Spirituality and the Wisdom of the Desert Fathers to take the reader on a “pilgrim’s progress” that illuminates the spiritual journey.

Especially written for young people who are searching for a deeply rooted, yet relevant spiritual pathway, this fictional account of the spiritual path is partly a sharp story of personal growth and a map for the spiritual adventure.

The Way of the Wilderness Warrior is a Pilgrim’s Progress for the 21st Century. At once deeply theological and brilliantly entertaining, the story takes us on a spiritual Odyssey from the depths of a soul’s Dark Night to the heights of consolation, while somehow mysteriously keeping its sense of humor.”
Father Augustine Wetta
The Eighth Arrow and Humility Rules

“These pages written by Dwight Longenecker will prepare you for spiritual battle, for a battle against the world, the devil, and the flesh, not to mention that other terrible adversary, one’s own self.”
Dom Philip Anderson
Abbot of Clear Creek Monastery


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