A Sudden Certainty

A Sudden Certainty


For many years Fr. Longenecker has written poetry as a hobby, and this is his first collection of verse.

The poems spring from his life as a priest both in England and in South Carolina. They are simple, subtle and understated. The poet observes the ordinary world and reflects on the deeper hidden meanings that lie within.



From the Introduction to A Sudden Certainty…

You will not find here poetry that is explicitly Catholic or explicitly devotional. Instead I have tried to find God locked in the ordinary experiences of life. Some of the poems come out of pastoral ministry. Some from liturgy, pills there some from times of contemplation and prayer. The poems are often subtle and understated. They contain linguistic hints and symbolic signposts. I want to create moments of insight, seek advice helping the reader look more deeply into something which was, at first glance, unremarkable. In this sense, I want my poems
to be ‘sacramental.’


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