Shakespeare the Catholic Conspirator

2020-04-22T08:47:11-04:00April 23rd, 2020|Categories: Blog, Catholic Culture|Tags: , , |

Today is William Shakespeare's birthday, and it's getting to be pretty well accepted that the mysterious man of Avon was actually a Catholic. Joseph Pearce's book, The Quest for Shakespeare is the best of the books exploring the evidence for Shakespeare's Catholicism. It is a web of intriguing evidence from the fact that Shakespeare's mother came [...]

Tintern Abbey, South Wales, UK

2015-11-25T14:27:20-04:00November 25th, 2015|Categories: Suburban Hermit|Tags: , , , , , |

Tintern Abbey Tintern Abbey in South Wales is situated in the beautiful Wye Valley--the Wye being a river that runs along the border of England and Wales. The hills rise above the river valley on the England side, and crowning the line of hills is the ancient earthwork defenses called Offa's Dyke. When my [...]

What That Church of England Vote is Really About…

2014-07-16T10:28:33-04:00July 16th, 2014|Categories: Anglican Matters|Tags: , , , , , |

On Monday the Church of England did not simply vote to ordain women as bishops. The members of the General Synod made an even more historic decision. They decided once and for all the true nature of the Church of England. After the Protestant Revolution of the sixteenth century it was very clear for three hundred [...]

The Decline of the Church in Britain

2012-12-11T07:25:54-04:00December 11th, 2012|Categories: Anglican Matters|Tags: , , , , , |

Whitby Abbey - "bare, ruined quires" Damian Thompson (who is probably one of the world's greatest journalists) write here about the decline of Christianity in Britain. The shrinking of those who identify as Christians is combined with a dramatic surge in the Muslim population. You can't disagree with the statistics: Since the last census [...]

Understanding the Crisis in the Church of England

2012-11-20T16:31:42-04:00November 20th, 2012|Categories: Anglican Matters|Tags: , , , |

Do you need to understand the Church of England? Here are some explanations from this former Anglican: The Church of England is the Mother Church of the churches of the Worldwide Anglican Communion. Each of these churches are national churches and are independent. So, for example, the Anglican Church in Nigeria is independent from the Church [...]


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