Lent with St Benedict and St Therese Part Two

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The Little Rule and the Little Way In his final chapter Benedict says his rule is ‘a little rule for beginners.’ At first this sounds like the false modesty of the great man of letters. ‘You have written a masterpiece!’ says the fawning devotee. With a superior wave of the hand the guru says, ‘It is [...]

Lent with St Benedict and St Therese – Part One

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It is my aim during Lent to expand and promote Benedictine Spirituality here at the Suburban Hermit section of my blog. Some excerpts from this Benedictine Lent Online Retreat will be available on the main blog, but longer parts of my book St Benedict and St Therese will be posted here for Donor Subscribers. This is [...]

Penitential Progress is Pendular

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The American Alpha Achievement culture sells us the idea that success should be one quick upward spiral from glory to glory until we are the perfectly successful person with a perfect tan, perfect teeth, perfect hair, perfect body, perfect bank account, perfect spouse, perfect kids, perfect house (or maybe two or three houses) perfect everything. Well [...]

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