Do Catholics Believe in Ghosts?

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from Guest blogger Paul Thigpen. Paul Thigpen PhD. is an editor at TAN books and the author of hundreds of article and dozens of books on the Catholic faith. His book of prophetic prophecy--The Burden-- is a powerful pointer to the perilous times we live in with a passionate call to repentance. Learn more about The Burden here. GHOSTS [...]

Evidence for God’s Existence

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Over at Brandon Vogt's website Strange Notions here and here I have a set of arguments for God's existence which are not philosophical arguments based on Design, Prime Movers, etc, but on physical, historical evidence. The argument and evidence goes like this: If atheistic materialism is true, then the natural world must be a closed system. Everything [...]

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How Can You Heal Your Family Tree?

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Healing the Family Tree is a groundbreaking book by the British psychiatrist Kenneth McCall. I met Dr McCall when I lived in England, and used his book in my own developing healing ministry as an Anglican priest. Dr McCall was brought up in China as the son of Christian missionaries. While there he experienced exorcisms and [...]

The Roots of Rage

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This summer in America has erupted in racially charged protests about the verdict on the killing of Trayvon Martin. Yesterday I posted this video of an atheist who went berserk with rage. I've commented earlier about the irrational rage which seems to be simmering just below the surface in our country, and wrote here about my [...]

I Wanna See a Miracle!

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An interesting story has popped up about miracles taking place in India. I've heard church workers report that the growth of the church in Africa is also attributed to a rush of miracles happening there. So why no miracles here? First of all, to see a miracle you have to believe in miracles. C.S.Lewis said he [...]

I’ll Fly Away Oh Glory!

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Those who like fairy tales should love the story of the Ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven. Like Dorothy, who is swept up by a cyclone to Oz, Jesus floats up and disappears up into what must be a Technicolor heaven. Fantasy tales are full of this sort of thing. Peter Pan flies away to Neverland; [...]

Immaculata: from the Head to the Heart

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It is often said that the longest journey is from the head to the heart. In other words, we can sometimes understand something intellectually, but until it gets into the heart--the seat of emotion and the seat of our will--it will only ever be a good idea. This is what happened to me with the dogma [...]

Weird Things Happen

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I am constantly updating my 'Archived Articles' section of this blog. Over the years I've written hundreds of articles on lots of topics. I'll make most of them available here free of charge. Some longer articles will require a small payment for the digital download. Just go to the 'Archived Articles' tab in the header. Each [...]

The Day I Met St Bernadette

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In the summer of 1987 I was living in England and had three months free between jobs so I decided to go on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem--hitch-hiking and staying at monasteries across Europe. One of the place I wanted to visit was the monastery of St Gildard in Nevers, France. This is where the incorrupt body [...]


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