We’re coming to the end of my two week drive to recruit more Donor Subscribers to the blog.

Here are ten reasons why you should sign up;

  1. You love taking responsibility and this is a way you can step up and take part in my work of evangelization in the new media. I don’t have any big corporate or big guy sponsors. It’s all little people who read and like what I write.
  2. You are not only helping me cover costs of design, hosting, promotion and maintenance, but you’re helping all those people who really can’t afford to subscribe but who benefit: like the seminarians I met today who read the blog and say it helps them A LOT!
  3. Because you don’t mind the extra benefits: access to lots of archived articles, regular free offers and discounts, first hand contact and the monthly Boox Grab Box.
  4. You are glad there are no ads of any kind at all, ever on the blog.
  5. You like supporting small start ups, individual entrepreneurship and the little outsider guy getting the word out there.
  6. You want good, faithful Catholic teaching delivered with common sense, some wit and brevity.
  7. You realize its not that expensive: less than thirty cents a day. What do you spend thirty cent on? A candy bar costs more doesn’t it?
  8. You want to help support the development and production of the podcasts which are just beginning to take off
  9. Because its a good thing to do.
  10. Because I said you should.

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