Its been some time since I have loaded up some extra archived articles to the blog-website. I’ve been busy moving my home study to a spacious new room vacated by our children flying the nest. I’ve also been researching a new book and trying to work on some other writing projects.

Today I’ve got down to it and here are three articles loaded on to the Archived Articles section of the website. This section is reserved for Donor Subscribers and you can see the various topics at the bottom of the home page. Donor Subscribers help to support the work of this blog and my podcasts–which go out free for all. They also receive discounts on all books purchased from the website, receive regular free offers and discounts on good Catholic stuff, access to the comments box and my “Ask a Priest” feature. If you want to learn more about being a Donor Subscriber go here.

Here are links to the three articles:

The Problem with Primitivism – This is found in the Church History section and explains why primitivism is an illusion. If you’re not sure what “primitivism” is–its the idea that something must be better if it is like the earliest and most primitive manifestation. So in church circles, “it must be better if it is like ‘the early church’. Well not necessarily.

Tinkerbell Theology – is a jab at relativism in the church. A thing is not so simply because you believe it sincerely. This is posted in the Apologetics section.

Lewis in Wartime – in the Inklings section, this post reflects on C.S.Lewis’ essay ‘Learning in Wartime’ and is a sobering meditation on proper priorities.

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