I’ve been blogging now for over ten years and as I’ve said before, the blog is a hungry beast! It wants to be fed at least once a day.

I do try to post something every day, but I’m also busy with my parish, my family and writing books and speaking.

Nevertheless, the blog continues to be a rewarding way for me to reach folks with the good news of the fullness of the faith in the Catholic Church.

I hope you like what you read here, and the statistics seem to show that you do. On moving my blog over to my own dedicated website a few months ago the readership has continued to increase.

You can help with this increase at no cost and can help evangelize by just taking a moment to click and share posts you like. Share them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email. That helps build the readership and reach more people. This new media is an exciting way to spread the news, and the cool thing about it is that this is not just me, but all of us working together to expand the reach and spread the news.

In the first month or I had a drive to recruit readers to join as Donor Subscribers. Thanks to the readers who have made this commitment. Your donation-subscriptions help me pay the hefty bills for site design and hosting. Hosting a site at a top notch company keeps the site ad-free and more importantly, keeps the site speedy so you can respond and download as quickly as you’d like.

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