Over the last several weeks I’ve been producing a series of videos for YouTube. Why am I doing this?

There are a couple of reasons. First, YouTube continues to be a huge platform to reach a wide range of people who would not tune in to the blog of a Catholic priest. Second, more and more of our communications are done through the screen. It’s a reality. A few people read books. Lots of people listen to podcasts. A huge number of people can read but don’t. They watch the screen.

However, just the fact that they do not sit down to read a book with lots of words, footnotes, bibliographies, indexes and arcane references doesn’t mean they are stupid or uneducated. They are curious, intelligent and want to learn, but many do not have the educational background or the self discipline to sit and read. Watching is easier.

The video series is called Myths, Monsters and the Mysteries and I’ve embedded the first video in this post. This video explains what the series is all about. I encourage you to watch it, share and subscribe to the channel at YouTube. Subscription is free, but when you subscribe you get a notification if you want on when a new video goes up.

What I’m aiming to do is discuss a whole range of popular culture, the paranormal, ancient myth and weave it into the Christian faith. In other words, some up to date, approachable and accessible evangelization.

Why this particular format and content? Because I think many people are interested in religion, but they’re bored, fed up and cynical about organized, formal religious commitment. They’re confused about Catholicism and simply don’t understand how it all connects with what they are really interested in: the paranormal, fantasy literature, the interface of science and religion, miracles and the whole supernatural world.

Part of the problem is that religious leaders have been embarrassed by the supernatural and have downplayed it, ignored it and avoided the subject–preferring instead the counterfeit religion of moralistic, therapeutic deism.

Weaving these elements into a fresh and vital presentation of the faith is what this is about.

Also the videos will connect with my books and lead people to further exploration of these themes in the video section of the blog, my writings and podcasts.

If you think this effort is worth it, say a prayer as I continue to develop content and materials in this area.