I am happy for atheists to visit this blog and join in with the comments box, and there are few topics which I like more to engage atheists in than the topic of miracles.

This is because miracles are the one topic where both the atheist and the believer exhibit the fact that both are almost completely closed minded. This is because they start with two very opposite basic assumptions. The atheist (yes, I know there are some atheists who aren’t like this…) assumes that miracles can’t happen because well…miracles can’t happen. In other words, he believes that the natural order is closed. The laws are set. They can’t be altered. That’s that. If there is something that we can’t explain it’s just that we haven’t learned how that part of nature works yet. Certainly he admits that there are strange phenomena,but because he can’t admit the existence of God he also can’t admit the usual explanation of miracles: that God did something strange and spooky. Read more.