Four articles are loaded to the Archived Articles section today: a review of Brideshead, Apologetics and Church history and the preface to Quest for the Creed.

If you didn’t catch it, last week I started loading the chapters from my book The Quest for the Creed to the Archived Article section. I published the Introduction first, but forgot the Preface. This is the preface to the book in its latest edition–The Quest for the Creed. It explains what the book is about and how it morphed from the first version which was called Adventures in Orthodoxy.

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Here are this week’s Archived Articles

Reconciliation Re-Visited – A review of Brideshead Re-Visited in the classic ITV adaptation.

Quest for the Creed – Preface – Why You Should Stand on Your Head

English Catholicism is Roman Catholicism – Anglicans say, “I’m Catholic, just not Roman Catholic.” Whoops! It doesn’t work and here’s why.

Idol Speculation – On the Use of images in worship. Why it’s not only okay –it’s Christ centered.