George Weigel has an interesting article here about the creeping change in our freedoms. He highlights a speech by Hilary Clinton in which she upholds the ‘freedom to love as we wish’ (which is code for support for the Lesbigaytrans regime change). She also speaks of ‘freedom of worship’ instead of freedom of religion.

It’s actually a pretty smart move. Call it freedom of worship and you can neatly cut all religious comment out of politics, moral debate and the public square altogether. “You want freedom of worship?” bellows Hilary’s storm troopers. You can worship however you like in the privacy of your own church, but you better not mention religion or do anything religious outside of your ‘worship.’ In other words, “Keep religion in church on Sundays, just like some people keep golf on the golf course on Sunday, but that’s as far as your ‘freedom of religion’ will take you.