preacher…you’d go to heaven?

That is the question Evangelicals love to ask people.

It’s one of religion’s easiest sells and the conversation goes like this:

“If you died tonight do you know if you would go to heaven?”

The majority of people would shrug and say, “Not sure.”

The Evangelical says, “Would you like to be sure?”

Who would say “No?”

So the Evangelical says, “If you accept Jesus into your heart you can know that you’re saved and going to heaven. Would you like to do that?”

Again, who is going to say “No”?

It’s all so easy and good.

But as I say so often, “If seems too good to be true, guess what? It’s not true”

The fabricated doctrine of eternal security is not found anywhere in the Bible, so that’s a push for Christians who have a “Bible only” religion. They pull up a few tenuous verses about “I will not lose any who have been put into my hand…” and ignore the clear warnings that a person is judged according to their works which are the evidence of their faith. They also ignore the passages which state clearly that a person can lose their salvation.

The fabricated doctrine also defies common sense. Common sense tells us that if you can accept Jesus one day you can also reject him the next. You can choose to walk with Christ in the path to heaven or you can choose not to. One only has to think through the doctrine of eternal security just a little bit to see that it is very leaky.

So what happens when a person who is “saved” and “knows if they died tonight they are going to heaven” gets drunk, commits adultery and murders someone? Continue Reading