gandalf_vs_balrog_by_lukealagonda-d3c6gteMy article for Imaginative Conservative this week touches on the whip of the Balrog and how it there is a “sting in the tail” of a modernism that seems to be dying.

If Fr. Tomlinson is right that secular modernism in the church has had its day, we must still beware the Balrog’s whip. There is a sting in the tail of the world’s powers, and like an angry wasp at the end of summer, the Balrog of secular modernism can still crack the whip that curls and clings to bring us down.

That last crack of the whip is likely to come in an unsuspected and unexpected way. I would not be surprised to find that faithful Christians are pushed into Benedict XVI’s slimmer and poorer condition through a wave of persecution. At first in the United States and Europe, the Balrog’s whip will manifest in legal and financial aggression. It will move on to exclusion, denial of equal rights, and then imprisonment, and even martyrdom. Those who doubt this possibility are the ones who most need to be alert

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image via Imaginative Conservative