Today at school I was asked what one of our middle school girls should do: a neighboring lesbian couple have had a baby by artificial insemination, and they would like the girl to babysit for them. I’m sure every reader has a modern moral nightmare within their own circle of friends and family. The worst one I know is of an old friend whose daughter became a lesbian, moved to New England and got ‘married’ and then announced that her partner was pregnant using sperm donation from her eighteen year old brother.

This week we’ve seen the cops raid a Texas ranch where a Mormon polygamist has set up. They marry young teenaged girls, and expect to have sexual relations with them. What is peculiar is that, at the same time, our secular society is busy sexualizing children as fast as possible. It seems that it is okay for teenagers to have recreational sex, and if that happens between teenage girls and older fellows (say college age) this is all ‘just good fun’. But throw in religion and suddenly it all becomes sinister.
Also this week features the news of the ‘man’ who is pregnant. The reporting on this incident is curiously non judgmental. The tone is, “Well, by golly! Who’d a thunk it!” It is assumed that the lesbians should be allowed to marry, that they should be allowed to have a sex change or a partial sex change, and that the hybrid monster that has been created should be allowed to bring a child into the world if they wish.
The secular world should stop to think it through. Surely, if it is okay for teens to have recreational sex, and if it is okay for a lesbian to become a ‘man’ and then to have a baby, if it is okay for homosexuals to marry, then why on earth should it be wrong for Mormons in Texas to have umpteen wives? Why on earth should it be wrong if they want to have wives who are only fifteen or fourteen? If sex with teen girls is okay for college guys on Spring break, why should it be wrong for Mormon guys living on a ranch in Texas?
People will say, “Come now, its different. These girls in Texas are being brainwashed into having sex at an early age.” Uhh… that’s exactly what the secular teen culture is doing all the time. Fantasy romance novels, teen magazines, and movies and television shows assume teen sex is the norm, and teens admit to being under great pressure (especially teen girls being pressured by older guys) to be sexually active at an early age.
Is the problem with the Mormons in Texas that they are polygamous? Why should that be a problem? How is Texas Mormon polygamy any different than the promiscuous behavior of a good proportion of modern American men–behavior which society considers ‘normal’? How is their polygamy essentially any different from the ‘sequential monogamy’ of modern divorce and remarriage? Come now, there is no difference at all. 
The only thing that remains is the fact that they are religious, live on a ranch in Texas and have poor dress sense. 
If people are offended by polygamy they must ask why it is necessarily offensive. Is it wrong just because it is distasteful to some? That is no reason for a thing to be right or wrong. There are many things distasteful that may be morally good (like those holy water bottles shaped like the Blessed Mother with the crown that unscrews) Is it wrong because “nice people don’t do that” We used to say that about sodomy and lesbianism. Is it wrong because the Bible says it’s wrong? Tough one. We could find pretty many Bible verses that seem to support polygamy.
In fact, the only way out of the moral mess is to listen carefully to the Catholic Church.  Only the Catholic Church has had the courage and sense and authority to teach the true meaning of human sexuality. The only sanity that remains in this most insane moral mess is to learn about the Theology of the Body. Only then can humanity begin to make sense of the moral swamp into which we have drifted.