What I love in the readings about Peter and Paul is their amazing energy. In the Acts of the Apostles and in Paul’s epistles they are simply bursting with the power and grace of the risen Lord. They seem tireless, passionate and constantly on the move. Paul especially overflows with intelligence, fire and love. How beautiful that the two of them are celebrated together–Peter the passionate and impetuous fisherman and Paul the agonized theologian. Peter, the simple and stumbling rumbustious leader who even at his death reveals his frailty and Paul, the mystic, the thinker the ascetic and the martyr.

In praying the Mass today the link between them and the church today seemed total and transparent and real. Coming back from El Salvador and meeting that Polish priest on Friday and having an exciting new assignment myself I suddenly felt how very powerful and elemental and basic the faith is. It is the same today as it was then. The apostolic spirit that I felt is indescribable–only to say that somehow at the Mass I was there with them and they were there with me. It is no mistake that ordinations take place at Petertide.

There is a mystical link not only between these two gigantic souls, but also between them and every priest. Each one of us who God calls should live out the faith with this same total abandonment, the same fire and zeal and simplicity. They did it on nothing and had the true missionary spirit. I want to be the same. Who cares about the money? Simply get on and do the job and everything else will be added to you.