I’ve been working this week to get the podcast element of this blog up and running.

My homilies week by week will be loaded as a podcast, and you can subscribe here on iTunes.

I will probably start posting some other general podcast items there, but the audio section of my blog will have other features too.

The audiobook version of one of my Screwtape Letters’ type books– Slubgrip Instructs will be ready for purchase by download in time for Lent. This will also be available free to Donor-Subscribers. I had fun recording this book and taking all the parts.

In the coming months I’ll be recording the audio book versions of Praying the Rosary for Spiritual Warfare, Catholicism Pure and Simple, Benedict and Therese and Gargoyle Code.

I’ve also got a couple of other creative projects on the go.

Trials and Triumphs will be a 23 part podcast giving a short history of the Catholic Church. This will be available through the blog specially created for Donor-Subscribers, and possible made available more widely later if there is the demand.

I’m also hoping to record a collection of my children’s stories as an audiobook. These are parable like stories I have written over the years for children’s masses and special children’s events. They work best as stories told in person rather than read as books, so the new audio book capabilities will be a perfect medium to get them out there.

So stay tuned! Information on how to become a Donor-Subscriber is here.