Pendulums swing back. Revolutions fizzle out and a counter revolution takes place.

This will be true of the sexual revolution just as it has been for most every other revolution.

The present hunting season for male sexual predators is part of the beginning of the tide turning against the sexual revolution.

I predict the rise of a new Puritanism. This will not be a return to abundant, joyful, fertile married life, but the rise of suspicion, blaming, legalism and condemnation.

Think The Scarlet Letter.

I can see that the intolerance of sexual predation indicates an underlying impatience and dis satisfaction with the sexual free for all.

I predict, therefore that we will see some other trends emerging from the present situation.

I believe an increasing number of young people are going to re-examine their expectations about relationships. They will be intolerant of the “get drunk and get laid” atmosphere in colleges and begin looking for something else.

Along with a new Puritanism may be the kind of sexual inactivity and intentionally neutered society that seems to be emerging in Japan. The population crisis there is that too many young people are simply not very interested in sex and marriage– and they are certainly not interested in becoming mothers and fathers.

Prostitution, pornography and secret sex may also continue to steam roller our society as men flee from the entanglement and risk of sexual relationships and relieve their sexual urges in ways that do not require relationships.

I am an optimist however, and I can see that many young people will begin to turn towards the ideal of marriage  between one man and one woman for life as the only real answer to the sexual free for all with its contraception, abortion, broken homes, broken hearts and broken lives.

The necessary action at this stage is for the church not to preach against promiscuity and prostitution and porn so much as to show young families growing and worshipping and serving and being happy together.

A community of loving, healthy, fecund and happy families is the greatest attraction and the ultimate thing that is beautiful, true and good in human sexuality.

A new Puritanism will be the devil’s counterfeit–a Puritanism which is judgmental, legalistic, negative and sterile.

A new Purity is the real answer–in which human sexuality blossoms in real, life long, fertile and abundant loving life.

In other words: Christian marriage.