I have spoken elsewhere and blogged here about the dream I had of the bloodthirsty bear–a symbol of Soviet Atheism lumbering into the West.

Consider these traits of Soviet communism and compare to America (and the UK) today:

  • The secular state controlled education. Children were aggressively indoctrinated into the regime’s atheist, materialistic ideologies.
  • The secular state controlled the media. Newspapers, magazines and publications were controlled by the materialistic, secular state and became organs for the distribution of propaganda: lies, fake news, half truths and fountains of ideological idiocy
  • The majority knew they were being fed lies, but they kept their mouths shut out of fear of being cancelled.
  • Resistance became coded. Those who understood the lies developed coded messages, slogans and catchphrases that were understood to be subversive and which mocked the regime, but for which no one could be prosecuted.
  • The leaders of the regime took themselves and their mission seriously. VERY seriously.
  • Abortion was free and widespread. This was necessary because prostitution, adultery and promiscuity were universal
  • The children and young people were dragooned into the secular system
  • A one party state controlled elections which were paraded as being fair.
  • Despite proclaiming itself as a government for the people, it was in fact,  a one party state ruled by the powerful and wealthy elite.
  • Alcoholism, drug abuse and unemployment among men was endemic.
  • Suicide rates among young men skyrocketed.
  • The military expenditure was disproportionate and the secular state was aggressive and bellicose.
  • Christians were marginalized and eventually persecuted.

In Russia this was implemented by the unified Soviet Communistic system. In the USA  and UK today the players are one step removed. The government itself still pretends to be benevolent, democratic and “Free”. The players in our society are a rainbow coalition of activists, the mainstream media, the politicians, educators allied with Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Money.

If you do not see this happening your eyes are closed. Rod Dreher specifies this trend and sounds the alarm in his book Live Not By Lies. You might want to check it out.