I don’t have gold, frankincense and myrrh to offer you, but for Epiphany week I am offering Mystery of the Magi at the special sale price of $19.99.

Yes, I know it is cheaper at Amazon, and you can get the audio book and Kindle version there, but you can’t get a signed, inscribed copy!

So if you would like a copy of Mystery of the Magi and have it signed and noted personally to you or the person to whom you are giving it as a gift, then make a note of that in the “Instructions to the Merchant” box when you buy it from my website.

To learn more go here:

In addition I have three CD audio versions of the book to give away free to the first three people over the Epiphany weeekend who subscribe to my blog-website. If you would like to learn more about subscribing go here. If you do subscribe up through Monday night please also send me an email claiming your free CD audio book version of Mystery of the Magi.

ADVANCE NOTICE: From September 9-18 of this year I will be leading an exciting pilgrimage to the Holy Land re-tracing the steps of the Magi from Petra to Bethlehem and Jerusalem, then on to Galilee. Full information will be coming out very soon. If you are interested to know more send me an email at dlongenecker1@gmail.com