covered_wagonI’ve been blogging here at Patheos for a good number of years now and I’m grateful to the Patheos team for hosting my blog and widening my audience.

However, in the next week or so I will be moving my blog to my own website. This enables me to return to a more personal style and to open the comments box again. There will be no ads and I will be speaking to perhaps a smaller audience about life, the Catholic faith and what’s going on.

The Patheos blog will continue with just my name on the header and will host all my archived material.

I hope readers who come here will follow me over to my new site and enjoy the new look and the new opportunities.

I’m grateful to so many readers who have made blogging so rewarding and fun over the years.

Looking forward to seeing you there, and when the new site is up and running there will be links between the two sites.

I will also be reviving my spirituality blog – Suburban Hermit–which like all good hermits–has been very silent for the last few months.